At Aloha Air Services we have many services available to our patients and their physicians.  If you do not see what you are looking for in the list below, please feel free to contact us and we will make every effort to accommodate your request.

CPAP/BIPAP Supplies                                                                                                  At Aloha Air we can supply you with everything from a new machine to hoses, masks, and filters.  We carry many of the major brands and are happy to assist you with any questions.

In Home Setups                                                                                                            Upon patient or physician request, our therapists are available for in home setups. 

Critical Patient Setups                                                                                                 Upon Physician request, our therapist are available for emergency patient setups.

Mask Fittings                                                                                                                  We offer complimentary mask fittings to all our patients.  This service is available for patients who feel that their current mask is not fitting properly, would like to try a new style of mask, or simple have questions regarding their mask.  If you are interested in a custom mask fitting please call one of our offices to set up an appointment.   

Machine Check                                                                                                              For patients who are experiencing problems with their machines we offer a complimentary machine check. 

Machine Loaner Program                                                                          Loaner machines are available for patients to use during the time it takes to replace or repair their machine if it should break down.  Please call our offices to check availability. 

In home Auto Titration Studies                                                                                  An in home Auto Titration Study (APAP) can be arranged for our patients when requested by their referring physician. 

Nocturnal Oximetry Trials